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Hi folks.  My name is Layne.  I’m 34, married with pets instead of children, and chronically unemployed.  I’m something of a geek.  I’m a musician with crippling stage fright.  I’m a recovering WoW addict – 10 months clean.  I’m pretty smart, kind to animals, and REALLY fuckin funny.  I’m also an FTM. If you don’t know what that is, you don’t have any business here.  Move along.

I decided to write this blog because things are happening for me.  As of this writing I have been on testosterone for 13 days – I wanted a place to document my changes and thought processes.  I tried Facebook, but I feel like I’m just making my friends uncomfortable when I post things about my voice already dropping or how excited I am that it’s finally almost time for my next shot.

I might go off on a tangent.  I might post about my bird (who is AWESOME).  I might feel sorry for myself.  I might be angry.  I might fuss about my job (when I have one).  It’s my life and my blog.  Welcome to the nuthouse.


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3 responses to “First!

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  1. Hi Layne…I’m glad one of us is writing all this down.

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