I posted this on Facebook a couple of days ago   5 comments

But I’ve never in my life been ignored like I am on Facebook, so I’m gonna repost it here…so I can be ignored some more.



It’s almost time for my next shot, so there’s really nothing new to report – with one major exception: I’ve already started to squeak. It started I guess last Friday and just like everything else, it was mild enough that I dismissed it as just me being dried out and hoarse. The only thing is I’ve never been hoarse like this (not the severity, rather the manner) a day in my life. It’s getting progressively more difficult to speak without my voice cutting out in the middle of a sentence. There is some roughening and drop in pitch as well, but it’s not obvious unless you listen close. Mostly I just sound like I have a slight cold sans the stopped up nose.

For those who don’t know (sorry, I don’t remember who all I’m friends with on this profile) I am a classically trained contralto. I’ve been asked if it bothers me that I will lose that voice. My answer: to an extent, yes. However, as early as my (first) senior year of college I started feeling more and more ridiculous getting up on the stage with my butch self and having THAT sound come out of my mouth. I was also never quite happy with the quality of it – I always thought I sounded like someone had put violin strings (yes I KNOW they wouldn’t fit, shut the fuck up) on a cello. Just didn’t work. Will I be able to do baritone work once this is all done? No. At least I won’t be out front for Messiah or the B Minor Mass. However, I expect I will have something workable enough I can start doing open mic nights and maybe cutting some more of my own stuff – preferably if I can find someone who writes better lyrics than I do. Worst case scenario? I’ll have no voice left at all. But I don’t think that will happen.


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5 responses to “I posted this on Facebook a couple of days ago

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  1. You could always be a rapper.

  2. I saw this on Facebook and I’m sorry everyone made you feel ignored. I really enjoy reading your progress.

    And hey, a crappy singing voice never stopped Kid Rock!

    • I’ve actually considered leaving Facebook altogether. But I’d never hear from anybody otherwise.

      • The sqeaking voice took me back to Jr high, it was so embarassing but luckily most of the other boys were going through it, went through it or would eventually go through it too. But it was a rite of man hood. p.s I dont ignore you posts I am just too lazy to comment or click lick. yes I am too lazy to click a mouse : (

  3. It’s not horrible quite yet. And I can still place my tone further up in my head where I don’t squeak at all. I’m really excited to see where it will end up – I’m hoping to not have the problems a bunch of FTMs have because of my size/build. I’ll refrain from the serious geekery here – I think it’s worth a whole post in itself.

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