Shot number two…   2 comments

was executed successfully with minimal blood loss. Which is to say that I just gave myself a shot for the first time without a registered nurse handy and managed to not spear a blood vessel.

It doesn’t hurt. Seriously – it hurts more to singe your eyebrows trying to light a cigarette from a gas stove…never mind.

Seems kind of anticlimactic, doesn’t it?  It’s not like magic like I keep thinking it will be – even though my brain knows this is gonna take a while.  I do have kind of a funny taste in my mouth now.  That happened last time too.

I’ll do this every two weeks.  Some guys get to do it every week, but I’ve got so much extra padding the doctor said it’ll stay in my system longer – he doesn’t want me to overdo it.  Oh well – built for comfort, not for speed, right?

Maybe at some point I’ll get good enough at the injection bit that I can write this long poetic post about the ritual of the whole thing. Or not.  We’ll see.


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2 responses to “Shot number two…

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  1. I have so many questions for you!

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