In which I talk about Chaz   2 comments

Unless the guy personally gives me a million bucks or does something absolutely ridiculous, this will be my only post RE: Mr. Bono.

We have two things in common:
1) We were both born with the wrong parts.
2) We’re both big dudes.

Here’s what I don’t like about Chaz:
I don’t feel like FTM people really need an advocate, self-appointed or otherwise. See, there’s this term we throw around called ‘stealth.’ After the initial awkwardness is over, unless your body was super-feminine to begin with, you can’t usually tell that someone has been taking testosterone. Chaz has put us on the radar. I understand that he is a public figure and nothing he does will be stealth in any way, shape or form, so it was probably best for him to come out publicly. That’s where he should have stopped. Shouldn’t have made the documentary, shouldn’t have written a book and should have stayed the hell off of DWTS. What was wrong with just saying “Yeah, I transitioned. My business. Fuck off.”? Because here’s the deal – once the public learns to spot FTMs as easily as they spot MTFs (sorry ladies – I feel for you)…it’s not gonna be cool.

Here’s where my heart breaks for Chaz:
Chaz went on DWTS. We all know this. Because I have a LOT of free time at work, I read A lot. Out of sheer boredom, I read the blog for DWTS (why such a thing even existed is beyond me, but whatever). The comments on said blog largely consisted of:




She’s just a really ugly, confused woman.

My wife and I have stopped watching this show because of… (any man that watches this show most likely doesn’t have a ‘wife’ in the traditional sense, if you catch my drift)

And my personal favorite:
I took some liberties with the spelling and grammar, but not many. Caps are not mine.

My response to the sentiment? “Exactly. Dipshit.”

And of course there were the usual “I don’t care what he is. But heehee, he’s FAT, haha. He shouldn’t exist just cause he’s FAT. Isn’t it funny that he’s FAT?”

He’s lost a lot of weight. Give credit where credit is due.

Okay, I’ve been at this for 45 minutes and I’ve got shit to do today. So. Got questions, ask me questions. Wanna hear my opinion on something? Let me know.


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2 responses to “In which I talk about Chaz

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  1. Ok ima ask because you told me to. 1. When did you decide to make the hardware match the cabinet? 2. Was it a difficult decision? 3. Does your family know yet or will it be a surprise? I know you can be stealth, but probably not that stealth. 4. How did Sarah react when you told her? 5. Are you eventually going to get a dingaling? If so, how does Sarah feel about said dingaling?
    K. I’m done. Your turn. Go.

  2. Yeah…I hate DWTS too !

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