Crystal’s questions answered   4 comments

1. When did you decide to make the hardware match the cabinet?

It was definite last spring.  It’s been coming for years though.

2. Was it a difficult decision?

No.  It had gotten to the point where I at least needed to do the therapy part of it before I got dangerously depressed.

3. Does your family know yet or will it be a surprise? I know you can be stealth, but probably not that stealth.

Some of my family knows.  At least one of them can’t keep their fucking mouth shut because somebody told my useless auntie last summer.  My parents do not know.  I haven’t told them because when I tell them I’m going to do something, what they hear is me asking them for their permission.
4. How did Sarah react when you told her?

She was ok.  Sarah handles craziness pretty well.  She’s been with me all this time, so she’s used to it.  We don’t expect things to be much different after the T really starts to work.
5. Are you eventually going to get a dingaling? If so, how does Sarah feel about said dingaling?

Most likely not.  That surgery costs as much as a pretty nice car and the results are iffy at best.  Google phalloplasty and metoidioplasty.  However, I’m fixing my chest as soon as I can scrape the cash together.


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4 responses to “Crystal’s questions answered

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  1. Okay, I have a stupid question. I know the name is Layne Walker, so are you going to completely change your name on everything like driver’s license, ssn and if you get a passport ?

  2. I figured Sarah would be good with whatever makes you the most comfortable. She seems like the type of person who loves like that.
    Aren’t you so excited about not having a period!?? Periods are gross. Sarah probably won’t miss one less period around the house either.
    Also, I think you’ll be pretty stealth. When you met us out at the Melvin that night, one of Steph’s boyfriend’s friends said, “that dude and his girl want a beer?”

  3. Also, thanks for answering my questions:)

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