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For what I hope is the last time.  It’s interesting having both kinds of hormones at once.  One makes me crazy, the other makes me brave. I’m lucky I didn’t talk shit to the wrong guy today and get my ass kicked.

In response to Crystal’s comment, monthlies just add injury to insult for me.  It’s hard to stay butch when you’re curled up in a ball cursing your mother for giving birth to you.


There’s not much to report. My original plumbing is still shutting down and I’m having muscle cramps all over from the hormonal imbalance I have going on right now.  I’d probably feel better if I worked out, but dinner was late and now my schedule is thrown off.   Next shot isn’t till the 27th.


Anyway, today was shitty and I’m tired so I’m gonna catch some sack time.  Later gators.


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