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Blogging tired again tonight, so hopefully this will make sense.

I’ve had a bunch more free time at work so I’ve been browsing the book section over at Amazon.  What I’ve found has been nothing short of amazing, to me at least.

Some backstory: I read.  A lot.  No really, a LOT. I started when I was four.  I was an odd kid in a tiny town and my mom just happened to be the librarian.  So.  A LOT.  Now of course when I hit about 10 or 11 I started reading the books out of the young adult section of the library.  Usual “social issues” bullshit – teen sex, teen drinking, teen drugs, blah blah blah.  And it always frustrated me that the protagonists of these stories were always hung up on some boy.  Y’know, everything was so exclusively heterosexual (with the exception of M. E. Kerr’s Deliver Us from Evie).

My eyes are trying to shut – I better get to the point.

A couple of months ago I found this book (pic is a link):



It’s about a transgendered teenager.  FTM no less.

In my surfage, I’ve found a ton of LGBT YA literature.  So it’s out there.  Finally.  I think if I’d had this to read growing up it would have made my skin a little easier to live in.

Some titles:

Almost Perfect

Awake (some of the proceeds from this one go to the Trevor Project)



Empress of the World

Ash (sort of a lesbian Cinderella)

Of course there’s more.  Brothers and sisters, if you were like me and missed out the first go round, these are worth a look.  My hetero friends with kids – if they turn out to be gay, these books will be there for them someday.

Good night.


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