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Tonight was shot # 3, tomorrow is four weeks on T.  Hey that rhymes.

Anyway.  Third shot.  I have two sizes of needle. One is to draw the testosterone out of the bottle, the other is to inject.  I think the nurse got mixed up when she taught me to do my shots because they have me injecting with the larger needle.  Now, needles don’t bug me, but I gotta admit it’s a little freaky staring at one up close.  It’s an inch and a half long and seems to be as big around as a baseball bat.  Point is, I gotta check on that when I go to the doctor next week.

Changes: Not many.  My upper lip is a little fuzzier, but it’s blonde so you can’t actually see anything.  Got some bigger muscles, but I’m fat so you can’t actually see anything.  Voice is more raspy now than squeaky.  I think I’m most relieved about the early facial hair.  Some FTMs never grow a decent beard.  I’m not expecting ZZ Top (which would fucking ROCK), but early results are encouraging.

I’m done with workouts this week.  I just have to do cardio until Sunday, then it’s weights again.

Okay, got nothing else.  Well I do, but it’ll have to wait till I have more time.


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