Today I Won   3 comments

I didn’t win a prize or anything.  But I’ve been working out for almost two weeks straight and I don’t have to do my weights again until Sunday.  Point is, I did the bike and the weights today so therefore…I won.

Work’s been a dirty bitch.  I don’t have all the stuff I’m supposed to have because nobody knows how to communicate.  They really weren’t even ready for me yet – I sit around all day and twiddle my thumbs.  I really don’t like that.  I sell myself as uber competent and thumb twiddling just makes me look lazy.  Anyway, it’s enough to make me forget I’m on T.  That’s kinda nice.

I called Sarah from my desk phone today and she didn’t know who I was.  Sweet.

That’s what’s going on today.



Posted February 2, 2012 by justanotherfatboy in Uncategorized

3 responses to “Today I Won

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  1. Keep it up ! I wonder if I call Sarah….would she recognize me ?

  2. 2 questions:

    1. What kind of job do you have now?

    2. Seeing as how you will probably getting rid of your culottes collection, may I have them?

    • 1) I am a contract recruiting coordinator for Aon Hewitt. It’s good that it’s contract cause I can grow my beard during my off time.

      2) Absolutely. You’re gonna need a bigass U-Haul to cart them all off.

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