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It’s my anniversary today.  Two years.  We’ve been together for ten.  And she hasn’t killed me yet.

Nothing to report, really.  I feel pretty good.  Got some nice muscles.  My upper lip is seriously fuzzy but still blonde.  I should probably shave it but I don’t know if the doctor will want to see it on Friday.

It’s getting time for the communists to invade again – we’ll see how that goes.  I’m still sane at the moment, so maybe I’m off the hook for good.

The voice has officially dropped.  It’s not just in my head like I was afraid it was.  Low end is B flat – pretty good considering that’s 2 1/2 steps below the low D I’ve been chasing for 15 years.  I still have pretty good control/ sound too.


On an unrelated note, here’s a picture of Zero.

It’s spring molt for him, so he’s being kind of a bastard.

Sorry it’s short, guys.  I just don’t have a lot going on.


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