A post with pics. Warning: Not for folks who have a thing about needles.   1 comment

Hi kids.  Finally something blog-worthy.

I went to see my endocrinologist this morning.  It rained today so of course traffic was RETARDED and I was half an hour late.  But anyway, I saw the doctor.  Just a quick visit – he asked me how I was doing with the shots and seemed impressed I was doing them myself.  He was also surprised that my voice had already started to drop – says it’s almost never that fast.  He drew some more blood to check my testosterone and stuff and I should have results Wednesday.

Okay, now the fun part – today was shot day.  I LOVE shot day.  Here’s what shot day looks like:


All my accoutrements. From left to right: sharps container, syringe with 18g needle (to draw), bottle of testosterone cypionate, 22g needle (to inject), alcohol swabs, cotton balls, and a band aid



Filling the needle


The filled needle



This is the same shot as above, just see the caption

I used the flash on this one and it wasn't good for demonstration purposes. I just thought it was kind of a cool picture.

My leg with a needle poking out of it. There also happens to be a dog bed in the picture.




All done


So there you have it.  And you’ve seen my favorite pair of boxers.  Feel free to comment on my sexy leg.





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One response to “A post with pics. Warning: Not for folks who have a thing about needles.

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  1. Oh….my…..God !!!!! That is a long freakin needle !!!

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