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It is February 16th, 2012 and tomorrow will be 7 weeks on T.

Significant changes:

My voice is most noticeable.  It’s in a really interesting place right now.  I have a HUGE range, but none of it sounds real good.  It gets tired pretty easy, too.

Great big frickin muscles.  Okay, maybe not.  But I’ve got muscles in places I never had before – that includes when I was slinging camera equipment out in the back of beyond. And my workouts are way more effective than they were the last time.

I have more facial hair than I did three weeks ago.  It’s not much more than heavy peach fuzz and it’s patchy, but some of it is already growing in dark.  And I’m thinking what I thought was blonde on my upper lip might actually be silver like what’s on my head.  That’s kinda jacked up.

I had a minor case of the crazies earlier this week and a small crop of pimples, but they both seem to be fading out.  I hope that means I’m off the estrogen hook for good.  Good goddamn riddance, I say.

And something I haven’t mentioned on here before: INSANE libido.  Ladies – go love your man.  Seriously, quit makin him work for it and just go sleep with him.  He’ll love you that much more for it.

/Begin rant:

Had a couple funny looks in the bathroom today.  Two different trips, older ladies both times.  I mean you shoulda seen the looks on their faces.  And yesterday I was leaving when another lady was walking in and I caught her checking the sign to make sure she was in the right place.  Well, I say I caught her, she wasn’t real subtle about it.  I gotta say – that shit pisses me right the fuck OFF, man.  WE DON’T ALL LOOK THE SAME, DAMMIT!!  I mean, it’s not like I’m at the bar where nobody knows me and I can just hit the men’s room.  And if I wasn’t so well known on that floor, I’d use the men’s at work too.  Where I would also get funny looks.  Can’t I just go pee in peace, for crying out loud?

/End rant.

Anyway, I’m tired and I’m gonna go grab a shower before I go to bed.
OH! Before I take off, Sarah and I are planning to spend St Patrick’s Day at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck.  It’s not free, tickets are like $20 in advance, $23 at the door, but it’s bands and Guinness all day. So if anybody’s looking for anything to do, it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, right?

Later gators.


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  1. Dude. You’re making me think I need a shot of T too. My libido is non existant.

  2. I kind of understand if the woman going into the bathroom may have been confused at first. That type of reaction may happen for a while. I mean you are transitioning to a male persona and continuing to use the women’s restroom…. so I think her reaction was normal. But it soinds like your workouts are successful. That’s a good thing. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    • She’s welcome to think whatever she wants. I quit worrying about what people thought years ago. I even understand her confusion, even though I don’t look any different at first glance than I did six months ago. However, staring at somebody goggle-eyed with her mouth hanging open – she was pushing 60, I’m pretty sure someone down the line has told her it’s impolite to stare.

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