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Things have been kinda low-key the last few days.  I got my bloodwork results from my doctor visit a couple of weeks ago and those were good – cholesterol and blood sugar were both down thanks to all the working out I’ve been doing.  I get to keep taking the T and I don’t have to go back until August.  Woot!

I found something to read: The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne.  Pure fantasy, but the books are a hell of a lot of fun and appeal to my pagan leanings.   I finally made it into a comic book shop this week, too.  I really enjoyed that, just wish the selection had been bigger.  I’m gonna try a different one this weekend.

So I’ve been shaving my face for about six months.  Not that I really have much to shave, but it makes me feel better.  (If you’re doing the math, yes I shaved pre-T.)   I use a double-edge safety razor (a really good investment – the razor was a little pricey, but the blades are CHEAP, dude).  I don’t use canned foam, I use a badger brush and shaving soap.  The entire reason I’m blogging about this is so I can rave about Mama Bear’s Soaps.  Holy crap does this lady know her stuff.  She doesn’t just do shaving soap, there’s something for everyone.  Go check her out , she does some neat things.  Next on my list is the Cannabis shave soap.  Or maybe the Oatmeal Stout.

Well, work kicked my ass so hard today I had to skip the cardio and just do weights tonight, so I am going to go to bed.  Catch you on the flip.


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3 responses to “Shaving and various other things

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  1. Where did you get the razor at? I’ve been browsing Amazon and I’ve seen a couple there, but have yet to pull the trigger on one.

  2. A few months as a man and you are already wishing things were bigger.

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