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Hi kids.  It’s my first unemployed Monday in over 7 months.  I’ve been practicing my snooze skills – I’d gotten a little rusty.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about something that happened over the weekend.  It’s not anything bad, but it was the first time I’ve ever been referred to as “husband” in public to complete strangers.

Here’s how it went down: we were in the comic shop on Saturday and I had picked up the latest Valen the Outcast (it’s really good, thanks to Amy Hale for the recommendation).  I was wandering around while Sarah was checking out and all of a sudden I heard her say to another customer “I don’t know, my husband reads that one.”

Here’s Layne’s internal dialogue:

“Oh.  Fuck.  I don’t pass yet.  That dude’s gonna ask me what I think about that comic book and I DON’T PASS!  Aw…crap… well, this is the least likely place for me to get my ass kicked, so let’s do this.”

So I wandered over like I hadn’t heard anything and sure enough the guy starts talking to me about the comic.  You know what – I just dropped into my best baritone (thank god it was working for me that day) and proceeded to carry on an entire 2 minute conversation.

I guess it went ok, I didn’t see any raised eyebrows and I’m here to write this blog post.  Moral of the story is it can be done.  I’d still prefer the lights to be dim, but it can be done.


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2 responses to “Another step

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  1. Freakin awesome !!!!!!

  2. Even though I may not always comment, I do check out your blog frequently! I enjoy reading about your experiences, especially since we don’t get to see each other as much anymore.

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