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Hi kids.  I’m still alive.  My sleep schedule has already gotten crazy so it’s got my entire sense of time jacked up.  I’ve left the house exactly once in the last week and a half, so that’s not really helping either.

There’s nothing earth-shattering to report transition-wise – just a few more whiskers that seem to be more of the old lady variety than anything.  My original plumbing is still trying to talk shit, too.  I may call the doctor and see if we can tweak my shot schedule and get that damn thing shut down for good.

I’m still working out.  Haven’t missed one yet, but I’m in such a funk today I may just skip it.  I’m not doing enough cardio either so I’m not dropping a whole lot of weight.  I think I may need to reboot my whole routine.  On the plus side: y’all may remember that we had a TV that we were trying to get rid of.  You know, the one that weighed 160 pounds.  Yesterday the Salvation Army came to haul it off – and guess who got that big bastard out on the front porch all by himself?  That’s right, holla at your boy.

Oh, and I’m one year Warcraft-free this week.  And for anybody that laughs and says that’s not a real addiction…I used to feel the same way.  I was wrong.  I still feel it calling me.  Every.  Single.  Day.

Anyway, that’s my world right now.  See you next time.


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