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Things aren’t going so well this week.  Last week I discovered something called the ‘trough.’  What it amounts to is PMS for FTMs.  Great.  What happens is your body runs out of T about 3 days before your next shot.  Symptoms include: cramping, irritability, fatigue, headaches, etc.  Sound familiar, ladies?

So I had my shot Thursday afternoon and most of the nastiness has gone away.  Except now there’s a new problem.  My ovaries (sorry) are complaining.  Loudly.  I’ve had things that hurt worse, but this is just weird.  It’s like any other internal organ, you don’t know it’s there until there’s a problem with it.  I did some Googling and found out what happens is that you end up with polycystic fibrosis.  Not uncommon, but still ….

Of course I was aware of the risks when I started the shots.  But I’d not found anything in my research that said your insides would be talking smack at you at just 10 weeks.  Shutting down, yes, but of course my plumbing has to have an opinion about it.  Shouldn’t be surprising, it’s given me crap of one sort or another for 20+ years.  The simplest solution is a hysterectomy.  The trouble is finding a doctor that isn’t hellbent on saving it cause you know – I might want to breed someday.   (That’s a whole nother blog post.)  Oh, and then there’s the small matter of being able to afford my deductibles even if I were to find the right doctor.

My thinking is this: if the pain doesn’t let up in a couple of weeks I will probably stop the hormones until I can have the offending parts removed.  Not the best option, but given my crappy insurance and less than ideal financial situation, it might be best to drop back 10 and punt.


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