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Greetings!   I turned 35 today.  I’ve still got an hour of birthday left, but I wanted to do something semi-productive.  I’ve sat in my chair playing XBox all…damn…day.  It’s been awesome.  Well, I also went to Lowe’s and bought potting soil and peppermint plants, but that only took about 20 minutes. Tomorrow is Sarah’s birthday – I guess I’ll be nice to her.  Maybe I’ll go out in the kitchen and make her a sammich.

I haven’t posted in a while because right now my life is of the boring sort – which isn’t a bad thing in itself, but of course it doesn’t make for good reading.

One thing worth posting about is…I’ve sprouted hair.  Finally.  I stopped shaving my legs about a year ago…and soon realized I shouldn’t have ever bothered in the first place.  Seriously, I had almost no hair on my legs.  But, I noticed this week that my shins have gotten fuzzy.  Sarah is also threatening to wax my ass – it’s evidently gotten pretty furry back there too.  My chest is still clean and I don’t expect any on my back, thank god.

Let’s see…in my last post I was in some pain.  Figured out that I’ve still got my cycle – just the painful part, not the rest of the bullshit.  I’m feeling much better now and tomorrow is actually shot day, so things aren’t as bad as I thought they were.

I shaved my head Monday.  Not one of my better ideas.  I’ve done it before, but I always used a Mach 3 or something to get it really close.  Safety razor, not so much.  Remember when Natalie Portman shaves her head in V for Vendetta (I might need to go back and make sure I’m thinking of the right movie) and nicks her scalp up real good?  Yeah.  That stung for a couple of days.  How does it look?  Meh.  But that’s not why I do it.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on in my world.



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3 responses to “Birthdays, hair and other stuff

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  1. Yeah! My birthday wish came true!

    If you want to swap legs–I would be more than happy too! I can’t go more than 6 hours without a shadow on them. WTF.

  2. Making a sammich for someone is a true sign of love. Sounds like a good idea to do on her birthday. As for the hairy stuff….I don’t even take testosterone and I am constantly having to shave and pluck hair from unwanted areas. Anyway, happy birthdays to you both.

  3. I wanna seeeeeee!!!! I moved to the north side. There isn’t necessarily a fast way to get to each other, but it is better than before! You and Sarah should come hang out sometime!!

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