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I’m not sure how blogworthy this is, but it was a milestone so I wanted to post.  I used the men’s room Friday night at the hockey game.  Was I uncomfortable?  Oh yeah.  Especially since the only other guy in there had chosen the urinal right by the door, which I really thought was odd.  No, I didn’t use a urinal – I’m not that good yet.  Was the stall gross?  Kinda, but if you’d seen the ladies’ room where I worked (where some women manage to pee on both the seat and the floor), the men’s at the Toyota Center was a piece of cake.  And my initial discomfort was nothing compared to when I use the ladies’.  When I walked out, I waited for a security guard to bust me or something, but I was “sir” when I went and got a beer so I guess it was all good.

A while back I posted about having some pretty serious acne.  I am pleased to report it’s nowhere near as bad as I was afraid it would be, which is awesome because I already had a naaaaasssty case in my teens and have no wish to revisit that particular embarrassment.  My mom also got me one of these (if you don’t feel like clicking, it’s a Clarisonic Mia – it’s a face scrubber thing) for my birthday – when I unwrapped it I was like “Yeah, right…”  Then I actually used it.  Manly?  Absolutely not.  But dude, this thing works.  My problem spots are even gone.  It’s a little pricey, but if you’ve got some skin issues, it’ll clear em right up.  Side note: I think I’m gonna start calling this blog “Layne’s Guide to Semi-Cool Shit.”

That’s what’s up with me. Questions?  Comments? Criticisms?

G’night kids.


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  1. Just don’t get chatty in the there. Unwritten law is don’t talk unless you’re at the sinks and then keep it short. You should be fine in the restroom, cause nobody is looking at anyone or expecting to talk shop, sports, or anything else.

  2. Women take forever in the damn restroom ! I like the title at the end too.

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