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I’m still alive.  I’ve got Disintegration cued up on Spotify and am seriously fiending for a clove cigarette.  Other than that, things are pretty much status quo.

I had a job interview last week that went okay, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

As much as I don’t like it, I’ve decided not to legally change my name until my parents are dead.  I’m an only child and sole beneficiary, so I think changing my name completely might make things really messy.  The way things are going though, that won’t be a big deal.  The T seems to have slowed down some – no major new developments and I’m getting the high end of my vocal register back.

I finally had to stop working out for a while.  I’d gotten to the point where something (usually my knee and/or my lower back) always hurt. It’s better now, so I should probably get my big ass back on the bike.  I’ve outgrown my dumbbells too.  We’re looking at (cheap) home gyms with the reasoning that we can spend $250 on one of those and have more weight or we can just keep spending money on progressively heavier dumbbells.  The home gym makes more sense.

Somebody finally bought the house next door.  I am less than enthused.  We’ve got a long history of shitty neighbors and this isn’t just someone renting.  We think it’s a single, childless woman though, so maybe it won’t be so bad.  I mean she might try to turn the place into a brothel, but I’m pretty sure there’s something about brothels in the deed restrictions.

Oh – time for Lost Girl.  Gotta go.


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3 responses to “Checking in

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  1. You should be used to prostituting neighbors, though, right?

  2. Living next door to a brothel would be cool as long as it’s a high class establishment and not full of crack whores.

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