An apology and some geekiness. Also hamburgers.   4 comments

1.  I wanted to apologize for not blogging more often.  I was telling a friend last night that I haven’t been blogging much lately because my life hasn’t really been any different.  Who wants to hear about how many pairs of boxer shorts I put in the washing machine?  But by all means keep me bookmarked and tell your friends because I’ll post every now and then as events warrant or if I just find something that needs to be blogged about.

2.  We went to Comicpalooza yesterday.

Things I liked:

  • Steampunk.  I’ve always kind of kept an eye on it and thought it was cool.  I may have to pick up a top hat and goggles.  You know, to wear to Target and HEB.
  • Meeting the After Twilight folks.     Even if you’re not into comics, if Texas’ pseudo-theocratic state government scares the hell out of you, you might give this one a look.
  • General geekery.  It was nice to not stick out like a sore thumb.

Things I’d like to see improve:

  • I’d like to see some actual fantasy authors there in addition to the comic artists.  George R. R. Martin seems to do everything but finish ASOIAF – I bet he’d come if they asked him.   Kevin Hearne would also kick ass.
  • More gamer stuff.  Period.  I know Comicpalooza is still pretty new, but the video games were noticeably lacking.

3.  We hit Bernie’s Burger Bus after the con.  I live for burgers and I have to say this was the finest hot beef sandwich I have ever purchased from a converted school bus.  Follow the usual Facebook/Twitter procedures to find out where they are from day to day.

4.  In keeping with the spirit of the blog: I didn’t pass at ALL yesterday.  Seriously.  Not once.  I really thought that was odd as I’ve gotten rather broader in the shoulders and narrower in the face.

Ok.  Blog is over for today.  See you next time.


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4 responses to “An apology and some geekiness. Also hamburgers.

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  1. I would have loved to go to Comicpalooza, stupid lack of funds made it impossible.
    I think steam punk stuff is so awesome and inspiring and creative, I just don’t have the guts to get into it myself. I’d feel like a poser. But I love the look and style of it.

  2. I bought a book on how to make steam punk plush animals! Next time we should all go together…I’d love to geek out amongst fellow nerds ; )

  3. We’re willing to give it another shot next year. We’ve decided that we’re going on Friday rather than Saturday – it’s cheaper.

  4. That sounds like some f*cked up kind of furrie right there.

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