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I’m alive.  Some of you have even seen me outside my natural habitat in the last week or so.  I can’t sleep so I thought I’d toss up a quick post.

I put it up on Facebook but I don’t know who sees what on there anymore so I’ll put it here too.  Mama Bear’s Soaps seems to be on the endangered species list, so you might give her a look if you haven’t already.  I need her to stay around to sell me shaving soap.

Speaking of shaving soap – I’m having to de-whisker every other day.  It’s still patchy and not even close to being called a beard, but holy crap it itches.

Still more muscles.  My arms and shoulders look like they used to after I got done slinging camera equipment for 6 months and I haven’t touched my dumbbells.  I suspect I wouldn’t get the results I want with them anyway.

I’m getting better vocally.  My voice has dropped almost an octave and I’m well into baritone territory.  I’m getting my middle range back as well, which is nice.  I still have my squeaky days, but I do have to admit I’m enjoying the hell out of that.

The drugs are kicking in so I’m gonna cut this short.  I’m working on another Nerf gun paint job so I’ll post pics when I’m done.


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4 responses to “HeyHey

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  1. Some day when you reach your goal I will come down and shop for you a glock so you can accessorise it. A real man toy! I miss your ass!

    • A Glock would be pretty sweet. You just have to factor in that I haven’t touched a handgun in almost 15 years. Let me know when you come back down and we’ll go grab a beer. No Pearl this time.

  2. Seems like you’re doing well. I’m so proud of you! I wonder what you’ll like with a beard? Hmm… I ordered some soap–tried to help.

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