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I’m working from home today and procrastinating like a motherfucker.  And I had an endo appointment last week, so blog post.

I’m not doing so hot.  My blood pressure was 145/90.  And my bloodwork hasn’t come back yet, but I haven’t been working out so my cholesterol and sugars will most likely be terrifying.  I’ve been instructed to get my ass to the GP and go on blood pressure meds.  That doesn’t bother me a whole lot though.  Family history and a hypertensive personality?  Fuck, let’s just go on the drugs and have done with it.

What I don’t like is having to have another doctor up in my business.   You think you hate going to the doctor?  Be heavy and have to go.  That snotty nose and sore throat?  It’s because you’re fat.  So now I’m fat and I’m shooting up with steroids every two weeks.  Uuuuuugh.


It’s also really hit home that I won’t be at my job this time next year.  Everybody knows I work contract.  Everybody knows I work with Sarah.  Sarah and I are fine, but the job sucks so damn bad I’ve sworn I’m not doing it again next year.  Well, it’s not the job that sucks, it’s the dumb fucks we hire.  Anyway, it stands to reason that I will be in an office somewhere.  I pass all the time now and that’s great, BUT – I gotta legally change my name so I don’t have to explain anything to anybody but HR.  I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with my folks on that one.  My dad, I don’t care so much.  He did a fantastic job of fucking up my childhood and I’ve spoken to him I think twice in the last year.  But my mom?  Maybe I can change it and not tell them.

And THEN there’s the simple fact that I may not be healthy enough to continue the hormones and aaaaaallllll the stuff I’ve done and how cool my friends have been will have all been for nothing.

Yeah, I’m not doing so hot.



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  1. Well, as a friend, I am still cheering for you. Just make sure you take time to escape and read some comic books once in a while. They are the best therapy. Also, hanging out at the comic book store…that will make you feel better. It is the best therapy.

  2. I am sorry you’re feeling down. And your friends will support you no matter what. It isn’t something that takes effort. We do it because we love you and it comes naturally. I hope things get better!

  3. Dont wait around with your meds like I did. The doctor had to use a glycerin pill to get my heart under control because I ignored my high blood pressure and I was 36 at the time. I have taken pills for my high blood pressure ever since its no big deal. Dont ignore it like I did.

  4. Thanks guys. I’m sorry for whining. I knew the risks when I started this, and to be honest I’d have some of this stuff even if I hadn’t gone on T. I think it just comes with the territory – what might be right for me personally might not be right for the people I care about. It’s worrisome.

  5. I think of you eveyday! You are one awsome dude and you have my upmost support in getting healty. Stay mentally strong! Huggs!

  6. My typing sucks….just saying!

  7. I’m so sorry you’re feeling blue. Take the meds though–please! We all love you and I promise to make more time for my friends once this Ph.D. is done! You are strong and you will do the right thing for yourself. I promise. Chin up, friend.

  8. I love you guys.

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