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Okay.  We’ve got about 30 seconds before the 2016 campaign gets rolling so I wanted to talk about something real quick.

I wasn’t happy with Obama OR Romney so yesterday I voted my conscience.  Of course that’s neither here nor there since Texas is as red as a baboon’s backside, but here’s the point I’d like to make:

What if we created an actual DEMAND for more than two candidates?  Yeah, third parties have always been there on the fringe of things, but who actually takes them seriously?  Well, I guess there’s the Tea Party, but they’re terrifying.

Look, America LOVES to package crap and sell it back to itself.  Oh, five people wanna buy used elephant suppositories?  Well hell, box ’em up by the dozen and slap a price tag on there!  We’ll sell em to EVERYBODY!!  And wouldn’t it be SO MUCH COOLER if you could buy your Frito Pie/cupcakes/chitlins off a TRUCK??  Holy shit!

Let’s compare the two major parties to the two major big box stores.  Think about all the grumbling you hear about ALL of them.  We seem to be becoming a nation of entrepreneurs (the ones I’ve noticed are craft beer and food trucks, no surprise).  Why don’t we apply this to our government?



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One response to “Post-election, off topic, rambly blog post

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  1. George Washington warned us about the dangers of a 2-party system. Maybe we should start a party?

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