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Back when I started the blog I wrote a post about being a classically trained vocalist and the effect I thought the T would have on my voice long-term.  It’s changed into a pretty healthy bass-baritone.  I’ve just about got full use of it back, but it’s a little raspy and I don’t have much power in my top range.  So all that tenor pop stuff I was singing before I went on hormones is out the door.  Interestingly enough, if I go into my falsetto I can still do most of my old mezzo repertoire.

Didja know I was a choir director?  Sure am.  Or was.  I wasn’t too bad, either (I think my teachers would just shake their heads at me if they heard me say that).  You know, it’s essentially holding all that musical energy in your two hands.  It kinda feels like being a wizard.  I miss it.  I’m not doing it because I couldn’t handle the bullshit in the public school system.  The thought of starting a small amateur ensemble has crossed my mind but I never seem to run across musical people.

I’ve been listening to some indie stuff like brown bird and the Wood Brothers.   A lot of it sounds like something me and my buddy Casey might have come up with.  I miss that guy.

I’ve gotten to be a halfway decent guitarist.  Not great, but competent I suppose.  My rhythm was always okay, but I’ve gotten better with melodies and stuff.  I’ve recorded some of it, just fooling around.  I might post it later, I dunno.  I don’t like a lot of what I come up with, but I’m a hell of a critic.  If you want you can head over to my ReverbNation page and check out my old stuff.  Rough cuts, crappy interface and recorded with Audacity.

I’ve still not found an open mic night to my standards.  They’re few and far between where I am and I’m nowhere near ready to go down into Houston and play.

Anyway – I’m late for walkies.  Catch y’all on the flip.


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