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When I was growing up you always yelled at me because you thought I never told myself no.  You told me I needed to learn some self-control.

I had to tell myself no when: I wanted to go out for football, I wanted to chat up some of the girls at school, I wanted to wear a shirt and tie and later a tuxedo to my choir stuff, I wanted to ask J to homecoming and prom…

I had to tell myself I was gonna be okay when: I realized my body wasn’t going to change the way I wanted it to; I was always going to sound like a female; when I was so angry and strange most of my class stopped talking to me; I was dealing with heavier things than you could ever imagine, much less help me with; when I thought I was going to have to spend my life alone…

I had IRON self-control when: someone would scream “PAT!!!!” across the courtyard at me and then giggle with his buddies; when E threatened to kill me because I happened to have a locker next to his; every time the whispers would start when I walked past a group of girls…

I guess our priorities were different.


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3 responses to “For my mom

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  1. I hope one day she realizes what a strong son she has. You are a Phoenix…rising from the weakness and ignorance of others, even those who should be standing alongside you.

  2. Wow! Well said. You really communicated your experience here. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I echo what Jen said, I Judy couldn’t have said it as eloquently as she did.

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