Rainy Friday   1 comment

Hey cats and kitties.  Sorry it’s been a while, I’ve been going through some shit.

The last few months I’ve been letting myself be happy.  You know, just relax, have fun and be cool to people.  Well, not all of them.  But that’s beside the point.

But the last month or so, a lot of really crappy things have happened:

1) Unloaded some stuff on my mom that she doesn’t need to hear right now.  No, I didn’t tell her about the transition yet, that has to be handled just right.  I called one day just to check in (she’s been under a lot of stress) and the conversation turned just right and BAM!  I felt HORRIBLE, it all just came out of my mouth and I couldn’t stop it.  It was stuff she needed to hear, but now’s not a good time for her to hear it.


2) Our house got sold to another property management company.  That’s never a good thing.


3) I had to quit my job on general principle.  It was just a contract job and I’d finished my assignment, but I won’t be going back.  I made things happen that had never happened before and was still treated quite shabbily by the client and my company’s upper management.  I’m pretty bummed out, I liked my job and my coworkers.  I even like my boss.


I thought I would get better stuff back from life once I chilled the hell out.  I mean yeah, life sucks sometimes, but it seems like the balance is off.

Anyway, physically I’m pretty good.  I’m still dropping weight, just slowly because I’ve changed up my exercise some.  I’ve started to run.  A lot of times it’s limp/hobble instead, but it’s getting easier.  I don’t go too far and I’m still at the walk/run stage, but it seems to be working.  I get knots in muscles I didn’t know I had though.  Oh well, they’re easy to get out.

All right, lunchtime.





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  1. Just hang in there! It will all work out.

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