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All right cats and kitties – life has just gotten mega interesting.  Put your spiritual hat on for this one and get ready for a story.

I am a Redditor.  Not a good one, but I spend a good amount of time lurking and snarking at people when it’s necessary.  I found this video.    I realized then and there that I HAD to have one.  Then I found out how much they cost.  So after some Googling,I found something called the hank drum.  Bingo!

Here’s what happened:

I made one.

I fucking LOVED it.  Seriously.

I showed the drum to Friend.  Friend dug it.

I decided to make Friend one for his birthday.

Here’s where things get strange:

I decided to work on this drum in my garage.  My garage is not a pleasant place to work.  The walls aren’t finished, it’s dark, and it’s not ventilated so it gets crazy hot in there.  (We rent.)  But if I work with the door open it’s still better than my tiny, shadeless patio.

So I’m out there grinding metal with earplugs in, happen to look up and see this older gentleman out for a walk, we wave, no big deal.

Ten or so minutes later he makes his way back around.  At this point I’ve stopped to change out my cutting wheel.  Now keep in mind that I’m sweaty and filthy dirty in a crappy pair of shorts and a white t shirt (in homage to my late Gramps).  Well, older gentleman stops to talk.

Hoo boy.  Okay, so being the good Southern boy that I am, I let him strike up a chat.  No, I did not shoot on sight.  He wanted to know about the drum, about which I happily told him everything I knew.  Of course this whole time I’m kinda creeped out, but playing it cool.  So after a few minutes, here it came:

“When you die, do you know where your soul is going to end up?”

Awwww, hell.

Thank you, small town upbringing.  I knew exactly how to handle him – blow smoke.  Conversation ends and he goes on his way, no harm done.

But one of the things we talked about was how maybe God’s answer is no, yadda yadda.  But then he said “Sometimes the answer is ‘wait.'”

That gave me pause and I filed it away for further consideration.  I don’t cling to any religious or non religious doctrine, but I tend to lean toward Druidic/all gods are one concepts.

Upon further consideration, I noticed I’ve had more doors open for me since that conversation than I’ve had in years.  I’m not sure where they’re going, but it’s better than walking down an endless hallway.

And what led me to be in the garage that day, doing something that made me happy and some dude gave me a message that said ‘wait?’

Kinda gives me the heebie-jeebies.





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