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Hi kids. Been a while. Got my head in a better place, though. I might make it through life yet.

I wanted to talk about my critters a little bit. Sarah and I are known for our little menagerie and fondness for animals in general. They’re old now – especially Otis. She adopted me when I had my first apartment. The complex didn’t allow pets but kitty gave zero fucks. I used to come home to giant grasshoppers on my doormat. Now her back legs don’t work very well, her sight is fading and she spends most of her time outside away from the rest of us. But she spent most of last night curled up next to me and woke me up to be petted (not fed! Or let out!) this morning. She’s a funny old gal.

Oscar is stupid. But nobody has EVER loved me like he does. His bones are starting to hurt and he’s slowing way down. Doesn’t stop him from yowling at the top of his lungs at 3 AM though. We think he’s lost when he does that.

We’ve talked about my gender-bending bird. We still refer to him as male. He doesn’t give a shit.

Then there’s the dog. The goddamned (yes I said GD, you would too) stubbornest, stupidest, ill manneredest SOB…. Grrr. We didn’t get along for a while. But things are different now. Wanna know how I did it? I let myself be the alpha male. Not just following my dad’s example because I thought that’s how you were supposed to do things. I read some Cesar Milan to learn how to get into Buck’s head a little better and off we went. I took him on my walks at first and we learned to understand each other. I learned that it’s a give and take relationship for him – I get to be the boss but I also have a responsibility to take care of him, and he’s going to hold me to it. I learned to see him for what he is and how he thinks. In return, I’ve gotten a buddy. He’s still stupid. He’s still stubborn. But he barks at me for ice cream. He lays outside the bathroom when I shower. He hangs out with me when I practice my guitar. It’s a good feeling, you know? There’s a rightness to it, a balance.

I’ve got some more thoughts surrounding the babies but they’ll have to wait, I got stuff to do. Bye.


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  1. Awesome!

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